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Production, Technologies & Safety

DIAMASA produces different types of diamond tools.
Our products are being continuously developed through innovative production technologies with the aim of guaranteeing our customers the same quality for the highest demands.

Production of diamond separating disks, diamond core bits, cup wheels in a hard soldering process

Production of diamond core bits and cup wheels in a KE welding process

Production of diamond separating disks with innovative laser welding technology

Production of diamond link belt saws with cutting heights up to 400 mm

Re-stocking of above mentioned products (if the basic body can be used)

Sharpening, tensioning, aligning diamond separating disks and preparing drilling diagrams

Quality and Safety

Our products are subject to constant checking to offer our customers the best possible quality.
Many years of relations with suppliers and permanent monitoring of the production process are basic conditions for high quality and safety that remains the same.

We produce according to the EN 13236 standards.