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Diamasa The Company

The present Diamasa was founded in 1990 under the name dth as a sole proprietorship and dealt in diamond tools and the machines associated with them.

After increasing success, the present company building was built in the year 1996 and investments were made in the first product machines. From this time onwards, diamond separating machines and core bits are produced in the hard soldering process.

The separation from the franchisor took place in 1997 and the company was re-named Diamasa Diamanttechnik GmbH & Co.KG

The special diamond link belt saw with cutting heights of up to 400 mm has been manufactured in Diamasa’s own production since 2004.

The continuous further development and quality assurance of our products led us to set up a research and development department in 2007. Our ambition, our passion and experience drives us forward constantly to offer our customers first class products of high quality and usage value. With this as its aim, Diamasa is continuously expanding its production technologies.
Short reaction times, customised products, special user solutions, are implemented by the use of automatic welding devices for core bits, cup wheels and diamond separating disks.

By investing in innovative laser welding technology in 2012, the flexibility, safety and quality of our tools was improved further.

In this way, Diamasa has developed into one of the most high performing and efficient manufacturers of diamond tools in Germany.