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Wire saws and tools

Electric wire saw Rondo

+ technical data and information

Maximum diameter to 6000 mm
Services 10 kW (32A) 8kW (16A)
feed rate variable according to control Cobra GAMMA
cutting speed 2-30 m/sec
Diamond wire saw 2-3 m (depending on thickness)
width 900 mm
depth 500 mm
height 1350 mm
weight 29 kg (without drive)
58 kg (with drive)

Electric wire saw Unicut

+ technical data and information

Type of motor Servo technology, water-cooled
Performance 18,5 kW (32A) 8kW (16A)
Operating voltage 3x400 Volt 50 Hz
Drive UNICUT ServoDrive
Cable speed continuously adjustable from 0 to 30 m / sec.
control voltage 48 Volt
controller Radio or cable
feed motor DC motor
Diamond wire diameter 10,5 mm
Diamond wire min. ca. 3 m
Diamond wire max. ca. 30 m
water supply water lances
height 1200 mm
width 740 mm
length 1300 mm
Weight excluding motor 145 kg
Weight with motor 155 kg
Weight anchor foot 1,5 kg
Weight roller block completely (2 rolls) 25 kg
radio remote control (EN 300,330,301,489,60950)
frequency band 433.05 - 434.79 MHz
Radio Channels 69
Channel bandwidth 25 kHz
Power Level -115 dBm

+ appropriate tools

The diamond saw for concrete / reinforced concrete in linear meters

The diamond saw for masonry / abrasive material in linear meters

The diamond saw for granite / stone in rm

All ropes with sintered saw beads, 40 beads per meter, 11 mm diameter, high-quality carrier cable, flexible rubber coating